Wednesday, March 20, 2013

###NukeFree### - A Nuclear-Free Middle East

Obama is in Israel. And now there is a tantalizing opportunity for us to break 40 years of geopolitical gridlock by asking two audacious questions at an upcoming live press conference:

• President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu, instead of all this sabre-rattling against Iran, why are you not advocating a nuclear-free Middle East as a strategic option? All the countries in the Middle East support this option, so why is it not being discussed? 

President Obama, you are a constitutional lawyer. You were the editor of the Harvard Law Review. And you know that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal under international law. So why are you not speaking out? What part of international law does not apply to Israel?


The United States is encouraging a dangerous nuclear double standard in the Middle East. Condemning Iran’s alleged nuclear warhead ambitions on the one hand while supporting Israel’s secretive stockpile of nukes on the other is untenable. 

A nuclear-free Middle East is the only sane, and just, solution. 

Tell President Obama that as part of his strategy for a nuclear-free world you want him to embark on a geopolitical strategy the whole world can agree on: a nuclear-free Middle East.


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